Rabu, 09 Maret 2016


              I called Muhammad Rizky S, I will tell you a little about me. I was born in Jakarta in 1996, I was the only child of my parents. On since childhood I want and hope to become a pilot because my grandfather was a air force and I am often in the invite to play by him, since that's when I love with provesi like my grandfather.

              But fate willed to another when I graduated from junior high, I actually want to enter flight school but parents don't allow, eventually my foray into the world of computers, I enter the computer Engineering Department of CMS, an awful lot of my experience in this CMS, until I was at the time the training received in the Office ever in telecommunications, where do I get the science along with certificates and salary. I am very happy because at the moment of the training, I just feel pity exertion results themselves. It was not easy at the time I was in the Office received in if prayer along with no effort.

              After I graduated College I continued VOCATIONAL higher again at the University of Gunadarma, there I took a degree in the Faculty of computer science, why did I take the Faculty because of the more growing time of computers in need everywhere, so from that I would like to try to figure out the function of the computer itself.
the experience is a little bit about me. Thank you.

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